Our Services

We strongly believe that working with creative startups can help you in solving your innovation challenges.

Our services are designed around the goal of innovating business models and creating win-win situations for both startups and corporations.

Startup Scouting Package

The first step is always to gain a common understanding of innovation needs and objectives.

Innovation needs and objectives are defined through workshops and interviews together with top management, R&D or innovation departments. We map a profile of startups, based on which NVS conducts an Open Innovation search process with the goal of identifying startups within the agreed filter. The search encompasses relevant online and offline sources, expert interviews and related networks.
The startups are rigorously screened according to set criteria and filtered in order to provide a structured and systematic overview to our clients.

What is Open Innovation?

Open Innovation means that companies deliberately make their boundaries more permeable for innovation processes, thus bringing in new knowledge from outside the organization.

Global networking is considered to be a key success factor for open innovation, as it enables people and organizations to exchange knowledge across geographical and industry boundaries. Investments in purely in-house development processes (closed innovation) are thus losing ground.

For organizations, open innovation means

  • the systematic search for and integration of external innovation sources, such as users, universities, suppliers or competitors (outside-in open innovation). In recent years, open innovation has become increasingly important, especially given the success of crowdsourcing, open source software, mass customization and user communities, to name just a few examples.
  • accessing new markets on the basis of leveraging existing competencies in the company through out-licensing, joint ventures or spin-offs (inside-out open innovation).

Start up scouting includes the following steps

  • Innovation assessment
  • Scouting
  • Filtering

Facilitating Cooperation

After identifying potential start up partners for our clients, there are many different possibilities when it comes to cooperating with startups.

Joint workshops based on concrete innovation challenges, projects around topics of common interest, sharing resources with regards to infrastructure and know-how. NVS establishes the contact and sets the tone for this dialog. NVS moderates the initial phases – we make sure that cooperation takes place on eye-level and for mutual benefit.


Facilitating Cooperation means

  • Mapping respective interests and objectives
  • Designing cooperation roadmaps
  • Moderating the first steps of the cooperation

Startup Analysis and Facilitating Venturing

Once we have found a potential cooperation partner for you, we define the next steps together.

As part of the startup analysis, NVS conducts a detailed analysis of the selected startups with regards to the actual business model, the maturity of the startup, health, potential and projected growth. For this we apply rigorous quality indicators from our experience that should enable the client to make an educated decision on venturing objectives. We also assist in venturing negotiations and provide our expertise, which Werner Wutscher has gained in the foundation and investment of seven startups.


Startup analysis means

  • Detailed description of business model
  • Venturing assistance

Benefits of working with us

Complement in-house innovation

Cooperating with startups makes your innovation process more efficient and future-oriented.

Get a structured overview of the startup world

We are the filter that supports you in identifying those startups that are interesting for your innovation objectives.

Monitor market changes

Knowing what goes on in the startup world means having an insight into global trends and developments.

Learn from startups

The entrepreneurial energy of startups can give you the right impetus to develop your business model.

Soulaima Gourani
Introducing our network partner: Soulaima Gourani

Lecturer, corporate counselor and author.

Networks are all about trust and understanding, about being open and listening. This is at core of any professional relationship and the basis for fruitful cooperation. Soulaima offers lectures on strategic networking, entrepreneurship and change management among other topics. NVS is proud to work with her and collaborate with regards to creating positive attitudes towards entrepreneurship in Europe.