Future Young Leaders

Future Young Leaders inculcates a Scientific & Engineering temperament within both developed and developing economies. It will potentially be a platform to harness innovation, be an incubator to investigate & support new frontiers of research, and observe how new scientist & entrepreneurs develop and market R&D intensive products. It is the mission of Future Young Leaders to nurture and harness…


Godavari Biorefinieries leading the way to sustainability

Mr. Wutscher holds several supervisory board mandates in international companies. Godavari Biorefineries, an Indian producer of sugar, ethanol, and biobased chemicals, has recently been featured in the international Journal “Chemical and Engineering News”, which showcased the experience and success of Godavari Biorefineries with regards to its efforts in sustainability. Read the article HERE or learn more…


Axis Paris

Our partner Axis Innovation organized a conference for startups and investors in Paris. Werner Wutscher contributed as panel speaker and introduced New Venture Scouting and the value of established companies cooperating with startups.


This is an overview of the event:

New Venture Scouting übersiedelt – wer will mit?

Wir ziehen in ein neues Büro und laden Startups, die aus Co-Working Spaces herausgewachsen sind, ein mit uns eine neue Bürogemeinschaft zu gründen!   Es stehen zwei getrennt begehbare Arbeitszimmer mit jeweils ca. 4-6 Arbeitsplätzen zur Verfügung. Je nach Platzbedarf freuen wir uns auf 1-2 neue Nachbarn. Einer der Büroräume verfügt über eine Galerie, auf…


Vienna – a place for entrepreneurs to meet up

It’s no news that Vienna is ideally located in the heart of Europe and it seems like entrepreneurs are also taking advantage of that. THIS article lists the 10 most popular meet up places in Europe, based on the online platform Startuptravels that allows people to find each other based on location. Vienna is ranked…


Entrepreneurial Mobility

Our world is more connected than ever and mobility is increasingly taken for granted in all aspects and phases of our lives. However, we don’t know much about what role mobility plays for entrepreneurs. In order to find out more about entrepreneurs who left Austria to start their business abroad we cooperated with the Austrian…


Collaborating to Enable Innovative and Inclusive Entrepreneurship

The potential of collaboration is appreciated by world leaders at the World Economic Forum Special Meeting on Sept. 28th/29th in Istanbul.  The topic of collaboration was taken up by the World Economic Forum at its summit in Istanbul on Sept. 28th/29th 2014. World leaders convened around questions like „How can large companies, governments and other…


Supertankers and Speedboats

We authored a guest commentary in Austrian’s weekly magazine Format, discussing the need innovation and the ways in which corporates and startups can benefit from each other.

Read more about it HERE

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