Durch Kooperation zum Erfolg

– Die Zukunft der Arbeitswelt –
(Birgitta Winkler & Werner Wutscher) „Industrie 4.0“, das neue Schlagwort, das jedes Management-Seminar beherrscht. Damit verbunden ist die Vorstellung von Innovation in allen Bereichen, aber niemand weiß so recht, was das konkret bedeutet bzw. welche Auswirkungen dies auf die Arbeitswelt haben wird.

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Time Capsule – The new Art and Science Project at CeMM

The Time Capsule is a Science and Art project by Martin Walde and Giulio Superti-Furga. The concept of the Time Capsule is based on Martin Walde´s interaction with CeMM´s research and philosophy and with the wish to create a “docking place” for artists of all branches within a biomedical research institute. The idea was to create…


Future Young Leaders

Future Young Leaders inculcates a Scientific & Engineering temperament within both developed and developing economies. It will potentially be a platform to harness innovation, be an incubator to investigate & support new frontiers of research, and observe how new scientist & entrepreneurs develop and market R&D intensive products. It is the mission of Future Young Leaders to nurture and harness…


Godavari Biorefinieries leading the way to sustainability

Mr. Wutscher holds several supervisory board mandates in international companies. Godavari Biorefineries, an Indian producer of sugar, ethanol, and biobased chemicals, has recently been featured in the international Journal “Chemical and Engineering News”, which showcased the experience and success of Godavari Biorefineries with regards to its efforts in sustainability. Read the article HERE or learn more…